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Eliot Hudon takes the top spot at the WPT World Championship

When Eliot Hudon said that winning the World Poker Tour Championship meant more than winning money, it seemed he meant it. Hudon has topped the charts, comprising 2,960 entrants, to take home the title along with $4,136,000. The tournament was organized at Wynn Las Vegas, and it concluded this Tuesday night.

With 55 hands played in 2 hours and 30 minutes, the final was one of the fastest events of the tournament. Benny Glaser had the most chips when the competition began. In the following ten minutes, Hudon pursued him until he assumed the lead. Glaser won a total of $2,830,000, placing him in second place.

Hudon surpassed Glaser after landing a couple of Kings in the game. His lead came first in terms of the number of chips, followed by a wider margin for others to cover.

Glaser battled back, sticking to his rock-solid image crafted over four World Series of Poker. Prizes won by him throughout his career amount to $3.6 million, approximately.

Six participants concluded the game. Colton Blomberg was the sixth-placed player with $1,001,050. The exit came when Glaser moved the flush to win a hand. Blomberg’s tactic against Glaser was to play his nine blind stacks with an ace-high in 60/40.

His elimination from the table made the pay jump a little higher.

Hudon entered the game by selecting two Kings for the second time. This resulted in the elimination of Frank Funaro, who ended the hand with ace-ten. Before this, a few hands were exchanged, but Hudon ultimately claimed the resistance.

The game went on for an hour before Adam Adler began feeling the heat. Hudon clipped him for fourth place when the flush did not go through. Not a lot of time went by for Jean-Claude Moussa to lose to Hudon in a 60/40 exchange. This was the last elimination, landing the player the third spot on the table for $2,095,000.

The second round was a tight contest between Glaser and Hudon, who clung to their chip leads throughout the game. After a few minutes, Glaser understood the game was over for him and proceeded to second place. Glaser made the mistake of betting excessively when he had a pair of aces, which resulted in a flop.

Hudon stuck to his game, which led him to pick up the ultimate title of the tournament, making him a multi-millionaire and a prestigious member of the WPT Champions Club.

At this point, it wasn’t even about money, according to Hudon, who added that he was in the game only for the title, especially after making it this far in the tournament. He appreciated all the participants saying that he does deserve the prize more than anyone else, but it’s just how the game goes.

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