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WPT Prime India Festival begins soon

WPT Prime India Festival is set to commence on April 12, 2023, with the main Event starting on the next day. The Festival will move up till April 18, 2023, and the main Event will conclude on April 17, 2023. WPT Prime India Festival is backed by Deltin Life and Adda52 Poker.

The news was shared by World Poker Tour through its official Twitter handle. A total of three categories will run along, namely Satellites, Main/WPT Prime, and Festival. Buy-Ins for every Event differ from each other. The minimum buy-in was ₹6,500/- while the maximum buy-in was ₹125,000 during the time of drafting the article.

It is mandatory for players to sign a Player Release Form in order to participate in any event during the tournament. Ante can be placed in an amount that is equal to the big blind, provided it is posted before the big blind. The break time of 15 minutes is fixed in between levels. For instance, Day 1 A/B/C will have a break of 15 minutes between every level.

That will change only when the Event proceeds to the next day. Meaning the Event entering on the second day will have a break of 15 minutes between the two levels. The same can be said for the players who make it to the final table.

9-hands will be a part of the play on the first day, depending on the availability of space. It will then be followed by an 8-handed table when in the money.

Payouts are coming with the odd of one for every eighth entry. This approximately comes to 12.5% of the player who would take money home. WPT Player of the Year will only be from the Main Event. Other events do not qualify for the title.

There is no limit to re-entry, and the same can be done until the start of Level 7. That is also the time when registration ends at around 17:30.

A prize pool of ₹59,100/- is estimated to be created. There will be an addition in terms of admin fees and staff fees for ₹4,925/- and ₹975/-, respectively. Day 1 will have 40 minutes dedicated to every level – A, B, and C. Day, on the other hand, will have the timer set to a limit that would depend on when the play reaches the final table. It will have a dedicated session of 60 minutes. Day 3 will see a mix starting with 60 minutes till heads up, followed by thirty minutes in length.

According to the latest poker news, the WPT Prime India Festival carries a long list of events starting with Superstack NLH Re-Entry with a buy-in of ₹15,000. Two more events will happen on the same day, with the concluding day being packed with a total of four events.

This is the 5th stop for WPT Prime Season 2. It first arrived in India in 2017 and marked a return in the next two consecutive years.

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