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DraftKings unveils a peer-to-peer fantasy sports version, ‘Pick6’

DraftKings has successfully introduced Pick6, an innovative peer-to-peer sports variable centered on a streamlined player demographic system. This will initially be implemented in six states, including Wisconsin, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Oklahoma, in addition to Maryland and Tennessee. It is anticipated that more will follow.

Corey Gottlieb, the chief product officer of DraftKings, asserts that Pick6 is consistent with the organization’s ongoing commitment to innovation. This fulfills the desires of the clientele for publicity associated with their preferred athletes. In this regard, the company provides clients with an additional method to enjoy live sports by competing against one another.

Pick3 customers will be able to compete for prizes against one another. Customers must compile a list of two to six players from two or more teams.

The forthcoming features will include a novel MY Picks function, which will assist clients in monitoring their forwarded picks. Furthermore, clients will have access to supplemented funds, line-up edits, and real-world activity monitoring.

DraftKings played a pivotal role in introducing Progressive Parlay, a futuristic and all-encompassing feature. A certified sports wagering scenario in which the opponent receives no favors by placing a parlay wager on player props, despite having a 100% guarantee of winning at top online sportsbooks.

DraftKings is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company that was established with the intention of increasing sports enthusiasts’ competitiveness. This includes products whose functionality is regulated by certified gaming and digital media and which are associated with everyday imagination. The organization was founded in Boston in 2012. Participating individuals included Matt Kalish, Jason Robins, and Paul Liberman.

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