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FIFA WWC 2023: Here’s what’s coming up

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 has started, and the action is unfolding as we articulate this piece for a thorough read. Australia and New Zealand are jointly hosting the global event that began in 1991. It has gained tremendous action over the years. There is no doubt that the women’s FIFA Football World Cup will only grow from this point.

Having said that, hosts have begun their journey on a positive note, each of them retaining 3 points against their names on the table. Australia and NZ are in Group B and A, respectively. The only difference is that NZ is at the 2 spot due to the goal difference. GD can indeed play a crucial factor when it comes to qualifying for the next step. Their aim would be to tackle the Philippines and Switzerland for a broader margin of victory.

Australia has little to worry about. Even though the GD factor is the same, Australia is at the top of the table following a goalless draw between Canada and Nigeria this Friday. Australia played without their 29-year-old captain, Sam Kerr. She is being missed by the team members, but rushing her to the ground would only deepen the injury she has sustained.

Stephanie Catley has stepped up, substituting her as a lead striker. Her 52nd-minute penalty score has cemented her position, ensuring fans that the captain’s void has been duly filled. 

NZ played Norway in the opener. Hannah Wilkinson scored the only winning single in the 48th minute, almost immediately after returning from half-time.

A total of 32 teams are competing in the event. The US has won the title four times. They could very well be on that path once again. This is evident from the 3-0 win against Vietnam in the Group E match. The Netherlands and Portugal faced each other for the same group event, with the Netherlands managing to secure a 1-0 win.

Nigeria and Canada are not the only teams to have ended their match in a draw. France and Jamaica from Group F are riding along. They have a single point each against their names, taking them to 1st and 2nd positions. This could change when Brazil faces Panama on July 24, 2023.

That is not the only match all the football betting sites have their eyes on for the next 24 hours. Italy versus Argentina and Germany versus Morocco is on the list too. The first set has the potential to dismantle the current standings in Group G, while the second set will kick off a series of future events for Group H.

Every team will play 3 matches in the group stage. This ends on August 03, 2023, followed by the Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and then the ultimate action – FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Finals on August 20, 2023.

Hosts – NZ & Aussies – will next face the Philippines and Nigeria, respectively.

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