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Fine Imposed on MGM Springfield by Regulatory Commission

Hailing as one of the most reputed and popular casino destinations, MGM Springfield has come under the strict vigilance drive of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the regulatory body governing the industry. The casino entity has been fined a whopping $18,000 by the authorities against three ‘unacceptable misdoings’ on the casino floor. On Thursday, the top vigilance channel stated that the casino authorities allowed gambling and drinking activities for people falling below the age of 21 years in their establishment.

According to Loretta Lillios, the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau Director, the MGM Springfield casino failed to stop a 17-year-old player from entering the casino. The security at the entrance did not inquire about the teenager’s ID, which made him enter the gates easily. The teenager spent two hours inside the casino floor while sipping a complimentary alcoholic beverage too. The gamer was stopped by the cashier thrown out by the security when he tried to cash out his earnings at the counter.

Another incident took place on December 31, when an 18-year-old entered the casino as the security failed to check his identity. He played for ninety minutes on eleven slot machines and was identified when a waiter demanded to see his ID. Further, on January 20, a similar entry was allowed to a 20-year-old gamer due to security failures. The security failed to see the ID discrepancy and helped the teen sweep inside the casino. The player was held by a dealer who requested to see their ID.

The casino team has agreed to pay the fine to the regulating body to end the case. The gambling firm has reported the cases in real-time to the IEB whereas the human resource department will deal with the faulty employees. They will redraft the ID policies too. Loretta Lillios appreciated the casino’s responsible attitude towards the allegations imposed. The casino, in May 2019, was fined $100,000 for 22 cases of gambling of minors on the casino floor.

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