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France will play Germany in the FIFA U17 World Cup final

France had made it to the FIFA U17 World Cup finals after defeating Mali in the semis. The game first went closer to Mali when Ibrahim scored a net in the extra time above 45 minutes. France made a comeback with their opener in the 56th minute, scored by Yvann Titi.

The action reached its climax in the 55th minute when the referee showed Yaya Sanogo a red card. Ismail Bouneb, Player of the Match, gave the team the lead after 13 minutes. The defensive line-up consistently denied Ibrahim Diarra; the player Mali looked to for another goal, the ability to take the ball home. Argney stood firm on his feet in the event that the ball landed in his region.

An occurrence that is frequently observed in league matches, the first 45 minutes were cold and slow. During the second half, each supporter glued themselves to the edge of their seats.

France did not precisely dominate the game with possession, but they ensured their shots on target were better. The number went on to be registered at 5/9, while Mali closed the tally at 6/20.

With Mali set to compete for the third spot, all the top FIFA betting sites are expressing their interest in France lifting the cup in the finals of the Under-17 World Cup. Mali has, nevertheless, set history by becoming the first team to score against France in more than five hundred minutes of the global tournament.

Mali will face Argentina, a side that lost to Germany. It was a close call, with 3 goals for each team. While Germany’s Paris and Max took their successful shots, Agustin was left alone to spark the chances of qualification or avoiding elimination. This is evident from the fact that he scored all 3 goals for his side, starting by retaliating against Paris’s opener in the 9th minute.

The intent was to exert pressure on Argentina. That never happened since the majority of possession was left in the hands of the team that came in as the favorite to win the event. Their shots on target could have been better for Heide to truly break down and let the ball go.

Germany versus Argentina went to the penalty round, and the Germans emerged victorious by 4-2.

They were quick to bring up the double through Eirc and Robert. Argentina, on the other hand, missed their first two attempts. What followed was unfortunate for them as Paris and Fayssal confidently backed their kicks.

Mali and Argentina will meet on December 1, 2023, at Stadion Manahan to contest for the third rank. The same venue will then host the finals between France and Germany in the FIFA U17 World Cup. France could pitch their Player of the Match vs. Mali to get aggressive from the first second. Germany is likely to stay calm and trust the process they have crafted for victory.

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