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Gilles Simon wins the top title in EPT Cyprus

The conclusion of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Cyprus witnessed Gilles Simon carry off the winner’s title. This was when he ultimately was able to sideline Andrea Dato and take the top spot. The poker tournament was played over a week, and the venue for the $5,300 Main Event was the Merit Royal Diamond Hotel Casino and Spa.

The 24-year-old seasoned online poker player left the tournament with $1,042,000. This was following Simon having won the PokerStars, Dare2Stream. On the other hand, the second in line, Dato, managed to take away $652,200.

According to Simon, the pressure of the game turned out to have a positive effect on him as he was able to maintain his focus. In his opinion, his past experience related to online poker games was valuable for him and helped him clinch the winner’s title.

The highlighting factor of the tournament came towards the closing of the 4th day, which witnessed Simon holding the best hand he ever had. This was the real deal, minus any vestige of a bluff. 

Following the win, Simon was contemplating exiting from Twitch streaming and entering into professional poker playing. He felt the strong urge to make poker a part of his career.

According to poker news, the last day of play witnessed Halil Tasyurek and Nikita Kuznetsov starting off on a high note, with Bjorn Kozenkai making an early exit. A while later, it was the turn of Koznekai to up and left with an amount of $162,925. His previous win was only $10,266; this sure was a big jump. Sanchez moved forward after bluffing Tasyurek.

Following the break, Simon took on Kuznetsov. On the other side, Dato moved Yannick Schumacher down the line, and he finally made his exit with $275,425. Blinds were being played at 200,000 to 400,000, and Tasyurek had his turn to leave the game, having attained the 4th position. Thereafter, it was Dato and Simon all the way. Right after a dinner break, Simon was carrying $30.5 million, whereas Dato had come down to $9 million, leaving Simon to become the eventual tournament winner.

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