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Learn How to Play Poker Tournaments for Free

The beauty of just about every casino game is that you can pick up how to play pretty much instantly. Slots are self-explanatory, blackjack is easy once you know the basics, roulette couldn’t be more straightforward and video poker is so laid back that they install games at the bar so you can play while you drink.

A little harder to grasp are casino table games like craps and baccarat, although, in the latter, you don’t need to know the rules since the dealer does all the work. All you must do is place your bet in the Player, Banker, or Tie box and hope for the best.

However, there is one game played in many bricks and mortar casinos, and particularly online, that is relatively simple to learn. but much harder to master. Texas Hold’em Poker.

The cards version of Golf

It is not often that you will compare poker to golf. However, both games are similar in this respect: so many variables go into each hand, or each swing, that the outcomes can be wildly different. Trying to alter one aspect of your game might solve one problem only to make another three issues appear.

However, whereas in golf, this might mean you score a double-bogey, so no major disaster. In poker, this could mean you lose all your money. To know more on how to bet on golf online, click here!

Thankfully, there are online poker sites dedicated purely to play money action, so you don’t have to risk a cent. Replay Poker, for example, has a thriving community of players who play purely for fun and to learn the game risk-free.

The site goes the extra mile to help you learn the game. Right now, you can enjoy the Bankroll Builder poker promotion, where you get to enter online tournaments (for free, obviously), which have added play money chips thrown into the prize pool.

The idea is you can spend an enjoyable time practicing your poker tournament skills and build your bankroll and the number of play money chips in your account at the same time. There are two types of Bankroll Builder promotion tournaments to try. First, there are unlimited rebuy tournaments, where you can add more play money chips if you lose your initial entry fee. Secondly, there are traditional “freezeout” tournaments, where you pay your entry fee with play money, and once you bust, your game is over.

Many customers are happy staying on the site, whereas others, once they gain experience and confidence, they take their new skills to try out in the casino room of their local casino, or online at a real money site.

Why you should get better at poker tournaments

Casinos will begin to reopen again after lockdown and you can try to make some money from that. Poker cash games can allow you to do that, but the standout prize money comes from tournaments.

Do you know that last year’s World Series of Poker’s main event champion, Hossein Ensan won $10 million? That’s right, an incredible amount, all from one poker tournament. A look at the official tournament rankings for poker players of all time shows that US player Bryn Kenney is the highest earner in the game, pocketing a fantastic $56 million in lifetime winnings. That does not take into account all the entry fees he has paid to play in tournaments, but the profit is extraordinary.

Live poker or online tournament poker?

If you practice hard on sites like Replay Poker, then you can move on to play real money poker tournaments online or live. Both have pros and cons. Online means you can sit and play in your underwear, and no-one will know. There is no need for a poker face, and some of the prize pools are awesome.

The biggest poker site recently ran an online poker tournament series with prize pools totaling more than $185 million. A little more than you might win playing blackjack or roulette.

Live poker might be more appealing to you, which will give you the option to face up to your opponents, chat at the table, and exercise your people reading skills.

Give a try to a poker tournament and see if you can embrace a profitable new game next time you head to the casino or venture online. Even if you do not turn into a multi-millionaire, you will learn some new skills that can help you in many real-life situations, such as balancing risk against reward and people reading and bluffing (only in a positive way, of course).

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