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Grand Victoria Casino to announce seven ring winners at today’s main event

The World Series of Poker Circuit carries a total of 16 rings. These are to be awarded from April 6, 2023, to April 18, 2023. Reportedly, seven rings have been awarded already, and the next one will soon be handed to the winner following the declaration of the result of Monster Stack. Currently, winners featured on the list are either from the past or someone new.

Grand Victoria Casino first hosted the event in November 2022. This marks the second time for the venue and probably the lucky one for repeat winners.

The seven winners announced till now for the World Series of Poker Circuit are Ben Wiora, taking home $32,818 worth of reward; Ken Baime, with $90,183; Vanessa Villarica, with $26,227; David Cossio-Ruiz with $23,336; Jesse Bowman with $15,519; Buck Bucceri with $21,409; and David Sesso with $17,772.

The titles that saw them emerge victorious were mostly in the No-Limit Hold’em category. The buy-in ranged from $400 to $600, with only Multi-Fight having the biggest buy-in of them all.

This is the seventh event in which they have a winner. The next would be the main event, titled $1,700 buy-in Main Event. It is scheduled to begin on April 13 and conclude on April 17, 2023. While April 13 will mark the first day in three sessions, namely A, B, and C, it is only on April 16, 2023, that the main event will return for Day 2 action.

It will feature all the players who survive Day 1, immediately followed by April 17, 2023, the third day of the Main Event. That is precisely when the winner will be crowned at Grand Victoria Casino.

There is no estimate of how many entries could be featured in the Main Event. If the previous edition is anything to go by, the audience can expect to see over 1,070 entries get into action.

According to the latest poker news, Frank Lagodich was crowned the champion in the previous edition, taking home a total reward of $275,896. An estimate on this edition’s top prize is unknown; however, that should not really matter since players get on the field for the ultimate crown in the World Series of Poker Circuit.

The first event had a pool of $171,600, with Ben taking the majority of the portion. Following that, 1,082 entries contributed to a larger prize pool of $557,320 for the second event. Ken won the third circuit ring in this event and took the majority of the cash from the event.

David had a comparatively small prize pool of $108,240. The reward, nonetheless, was significantly on the higher side at $23,336.

Take the word as it is, and stick around for the main event to see who wins the ultimate prize on April 17, 2023, in The World Series of Poker Circuit at Grand Victoria Casino.

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