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Haaland breaks the deadlock late, Man City nearly beats Brentford

Man City are now in second place, 1 point behind Liverpool. They landed their recent win against Brentford by breaking the deadlock in the 71st minute. It was difficult to navigate their way around one of the best back fives, but Erling Haaland made it look easy. He was devastated when efforts to edge over the 1-1 tie versus Chelsea fell short. It is only safe to assume that they have made up for it.

Alvarez was all up for assistance. They found the back of the net after 20 attempts. Interestingly, they took a total of 25 shots, of which 11 went on target. Flekken mostly remained busy despite the defensive stretch putting up a fight. What posed a bigger problem was the stretch from Regulilon to Roerslev. Toney and Wissa led the way but could not build up the scoreboard.

Haaland found his point through a counterattack. Man City was not necessarily looking to chase that style. Herling brought it up for a surprise.

Brentford lagged in terms of possession. They could only retain the football for 29%, as the remainder went in favor of Pep’s team. Frank will certainly reflect on how they should move on from the loss. Man City must now surpass Liverpool, who currently lead the Premier League table with 57 points.

Man City is behind with 56 points. They are still filled with more optimism, with zero losses in the last five matches. There was a tie, but wins have made it sound better for them on the table. Liverpool could lose its spot in the ongoing football tournament, considering they have lost one event out of the last five. Two consecutive wins are keeping them on the edge.

Liverpool and Man City will lock horns in March at Anfield. The closest upcoming match is with Bournemouth at Vitality Stadium.

The 1-1 tie against Chelsea was a near-lost match. Rodri found the net in the last 10 minutes and kept the team in the game. Sterling, chasing the net in the 41st minute, delivered an opener in the very next minute. Man City was behind, tasked with defending and attacking simultaneously. Matches like these showcase the excitement and uncertainty inherent in Football sports betting, where anything can happen until the final whistle.

Brentford are in 14th place in the Premier League with 25 points. They have won 1 and lost four matches in recent meetings. By a score of 2-0, the Wolves lost. Christian scored an opener in the first half, and Ivan doubled his chances of winning in the second half. Brentford’s possession was minimal, as was the number of shots attempted.

Upcoming football events in the Premier League to look for are between Liverpool and Luton Town, Chelsea and Tottenham, and Crystal Palace and Burnley.

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