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Justin Fields’ injury worries the Chicago Bears

The night neither belonged to the Chicago Bears nor their star quarterback Justin Fields. The side lost to their opponent – the Washington Commanders – by 12-7 while Justin Fields re-aggravated injury on his left shoulder.

A pre-existing injury took a blow in the third quarter following a 40-yard touchdown pass to Dante Pettis. Justin Fields decided to lay low and rise with a couple of pushups. However, this has now raised a question about the limit to which he can bear the pain. According to a statement released by Justin Fields, the pain is hurting, but he has got a long weekend to recover as per the sports news.

His performance was of a kind that could have put the Commanders on the losing side. That did not happen, as the Commanders took charge of the game in the fourth quarter without letting the Bears score anything. Justin Fields had a night with 14 for 27 for 190 yards, 1 interception, and 1 touchdown. It was in addition to carrying the game 12 times for 88 yards.The first quarter went nil for both sides, who could not put anything on the board. The Commanders scored 3 points in the second quarter, while the Bears maintained their tempo with no score.

A change came in at the start of the second half after the Bears scored 7 points, the only 7 points in the entire event from them, without letting the Commanders put up a single score. The Commanders redeemed the loss to claim the winning edge in the final quarter with 9 on the board. Had the Bears been able to match dedication, it would have been a close match.The final tally came to 7-12 in favor of the Commanders.

Carson Wentz stood out for the Commanders with 77 canaries for 60 yards with 12/22 for 99 yards. He only lacked a touchdown and an interception. The Washington Commanders are next scheduled to play the Green Bay Packers.The Chicago Bears will take on the New England Patriots in their next game on October 25, 2022.Recent trends are unwell for the Bears. They have only won 1 out of the previous 5 games. Their victory came against the Texans 23-20. Justin Fields stood with 2 touchdowns and 8/17 for 106 yards.

Q1 is when the Bears established themselves as the winner. The tempo worked for them as they were able to carry the momentum. As for other games, there were disappointments on their side, with no hopeful light appearing for the next game. Several NFL betting sites have taken note of this trend to set their odds accordingly.

Assuming the Bers strike back, it would be fun to watch if they carry that victory to other future games.Till then, Justin Fields has the long weekend to himself to come back stronger on the field.

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