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KKR vs. RR, Match 56: Can KKR maintain its momentum in IPL 2023?

Despite only 18 cricket matches remaining in IPL 2023, fans are still unsure about which teams will qualify for the playoffs. Only the Gujarat Titans have ensured their qualification with 16 points and 3 games remaining. That is why the match between KKR and RR will be a spectacle for both teams’ fans. The teams are side-by-side on the points table with 10 points in 11 games.

The only thing separating them is their NRR, RR (+0.388), and KKR (-0.079). A loss here will end any chance of qualification for both teams, making it a do-or-die situation. However, the Kolkata Knight Riders will surely fancy their chances against the Rajasthan Royals.

The team has broken free from its shaky start and is entering the match with a 2-game winning streak. Contrarily, the Rajasthan Royals have managed to lose 4 of its previous 5 matches. So, will KKR be able to continue its momentum at its home ground to defeat RR? Let’s figure it out.

KKR rides the high tide with exceptional batting skill

KKR is one of the rare squads that primarily relies on its local talent. While the latest reform has caused the team to play without veterans, KKR has shown immense promise.

That is why the simple addition of Jason Roy has brought the team a balance. KKR has registered two back-to-back victories in crunch situations, keeping its hope of qualifications alive. 

Other than Roy, the team has produced a genuine finisher in the form of Rinku Singh. The batsman has single-handedly won KKR two games, and the batsman has been crucial in the past two games as well. Rinku scored 46 runs against SRH and a quick 21 against PBKS to help KKR.

The left-hander was assisted by Andre Russell on multiple occasions, who is making a late-season comeback with both bat and ball. Moreover, the Knight Riders have found success in its spinners, primarily Varun Chakaravarthy. 

RR is losing steam mid-season

Unlike KKR, RR started the season on a positive note. However, the team has lost momentum, losing 4 of its 5 previous matches. The team has been struggling in every department.RR could not defend 215 against SRH, got all-out for 118 against GT, and was unable to defend 213 against MI. In the current do-or-die scenario, the team needs its bowlers to step up. Unlike most IPL teams, RR boasts equal stability and explosiveness in its batting lineup, thanks to Buttler, Jaiswal, and Samson.

However, the bowlers, except Chahal, have been leaking run without getting enough wickets. The spinner will play a crucial role against KKR, given the slowpitch of Eden Gardens. But as a team with 3 consecutive losses, RR might have a hard time beating the Knight Riders on their turf.

RR vs. KKR: Head-to-Head in IPL

On paper, KKR and RR seem equal, given their points and head-to-head record. Both teams have 10 points in IPL 2023 and have won almost the same games against each other as well.

In the 27 matches played between the two, KKR has won 14, and RR has won 12. Match 56 will be the first time the teams will compete in this IPL. Both teams have a solid batting lineup, but KKR has better finishers.

That is why the game will be dictated by the bowlers, especially spinners, where the KKR excels. All eyes will be on Suyash, Varun, and Narine to dominate the game with their spin attack.

Will KKR qualify for the playoffs?

With three matches remaining for both teams, a win is the only acceptable result for them. A loss means the team will be out of the playoff race. Both KKR and RR have 10 points in 11 games, which makes it a must-win game for both.

However, KKR has shown its domination at Eden Gardens multiple times. The team boasts quality spinners who can pose troubles in front of any batsman. RR will rely on Samon and Jaiswal to assist Buttler during the match since the Englishman will struggle against the spin.

The biggest threat to the RR squad will be Varun Chakaravarthy. The mystery spinner is the only player in KKR who’s contesting for the Purple Cap. With 17 wickets in 11 matches, Varun is one of the first picks on many cricket betting sites.

If RR manages to outlast Varun, they are likely to post a huge score. This will put KKR under pressure since the team has been caught lacking during chases. But the team will still fancy its chances, seeing the form of Rana, Russell, and Rinku.

In Conclusion

KKR and RR will enter the game with only a win in their minds. Both teams boast a good batting attack, and they seem quite equal on paper. However, the momentum is on KKR’s side as the team has won 2 consecutive games while RR has lost 3 on the trot. On a spin-friendly pitch, KKR certainly emerges as the better team with 3 high-quality spinners. RR, on the other hand, will rely on Chahal to outperform KKR spinners. Even then, RR might still lack the winning touch simply due to the pressure and the home-ground disadvantage. With only 18 games remaining in the IPL, every cricket fan is thrilled to catch the action. Stay updated with every match outcome and get regular insights with live matches. 

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