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Pegula finds a way to advance from the second round of the US Open against Tig

The US Open is currently underway, and the second round has almost concluded. In the women’s segment, American Jessica Pegula has made a major advancement to the third round of the tournament. She defeated Romanian Patricia Tig by 6-3 and 6-1 at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Pegula is winning events left, right, and center, almost on the edge of becoming a synonym for win in tennis. The current win builds on the reputation of making it to the Quarter-Finals of the Grand Slam 5 times out of 7 times she has toured it. Tig does not really carry a lot of experience in facing players from the top 10 numbers, with Pegula standing at number 3 at the moment.

What she lacks in terms of ranking, she makes up with her will to never back down. Hence, fans can still be seen cheering for Tig despite her loss. Pegula found it awkward since they had never played with each other. Tig, on the other hand, nearly made full use of the night conditions. It was cold and a lot different from playing the game during the daytime. One plain reason is the weather and temperature players face.

Pegula said that it was cold, but adjusting to the environment is one of the things that every player must be accustomed to.

Tig agreed. She is one of the mother players in this tournament, with a total of 10 being said to have participated in this year’s edition. Tennis betting sites were unsure if she would advance to the second round, for her contest was a neck-to-neck finish. The tally against Marino read 7-6 and 7-6 in both rounds at Court 4. Her win percentage in the first serve was a near edge of 69% against 68% by Rebecca.

Boosting her confidence is the momentum from Tennis in the Land, where she finished the finals with second spot after losing to Alexandrova. The margin was as pretty as one would want it to be, but that’s how it happened – 6-1 and 6-4. The second segment saw her make a comeback only to get tired, missing the run by 2 games.

As for Jessica, her last game in Arthur Ashe Stadium was an almost replica versus Giorgi. The scoreboard was 6-2 in both games. She is now gearing up for the third game on September 02, 2023.

The third Round will be followed by the Round of 16 starting September 03, 2023. Tig’s tour is out of the run, but Pegula has a shot of making it past the third round.

Another event that Arthur Ashe Stadium witnessed was in the men’s section between Alcaraz and Harris, with the former clinching a win by 6-3, 6-1, and 7-6. Women’s second round in the US Open is over, and the third round begins in the opening session.

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