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Poker Central Announces Online Tournament on Partypoker’s Platform

Poker Central is ecstatic to announce its poker tournament, Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB).  There will be a series of tournaments organized online via Partypoker’s platform. 

Poker Central had recently held another significant event the Poker Masters Online (PMO) tournament. This was a very successful event that witnessed the prize money of $16.5 million doubled to $35.4 million by the end of the tournament.

Poker Master Online’s winner, Alexandros Kolonias, was rewarded the desired Purple Jacket and a cash prize worth $50,000 at the top of his total earnings of more than $1.2 million which in total includes 11 cash prizes. 

All through the series, Poker Master Online saw a remarkable turn up with over 124 extraordinary competitors.  

With a guaranteed prize of $20M, the SHRB will begin this year on May 23, 2020, and go on till June 1, 2020, till one of the few players is given the SHRB championship ring. The tournament has a total of 28 High Roller Events with entry fees ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. All the tournaments will continue for two days. 

Talking about the tournament, the Chief Business Officer of Poker Central, J.R.McCabe, said,

J.R.McCabe said

The SHRB is a Poker Central that is series of the tournament that is persistently growing its name in the online gaming industry as well as attracting players across the globe.

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