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Portsmouth City Leaders Collaborates With Rush Street to Build a Casino

Recently, a partnership between Portsmouth and Rush Street is announced at the City Council Chamber. This collaboration is to achieve the goal of building a casino at the Victory Village near the Victory Boulevard. Portsmouth wants Chicago-based developers to construct the proposed casino.

According to the memorandum, the casino will be built in the area of I-264 within the 50 acres in Victory Boulevard. The entire area will be divided for other gaming activities like a movie theatre, 4-star hotel, 30 restaurant & retail outlets, parking garage in 3000 square feet, gaming and entertainment facility in 400,000 square feet area along with 3000 seats in the performance venue.

The Mayor of Portsmouth, John L.Rowe, said that he is happy with the collaboration. The team of Rush Street has been working in the gaming industry for 20 years. They have changed the perspective of many communities, and now, they are clear with the goals of Portsmouth and supporting in the development of an Integrated Entertainment District at Victory Boulevard.

The officials of Portsmouth appreciate the commitment and development by Rush Street. Every casino has a customized as well as localized community engagement program known as River Gives, which motivates local employees to support the non-profits of the area and help them to combine with the surrounding neighborhoods.

As gambling is illegal in Virginia, there are still many obstacles to build a casino for bonuses in the city. It is expected that results will be announced in the next week regarding the study on the impact of gambling in Virginia

It is mandatory to legalize gambling by the legislature in the General Assembly. After this decision, the people of Portsmouth will be able to vote for the casino, whether it should be built in the city or not. If people are in favor of the casino, then the construction will start in January 2021.

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