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PSG seeks heavy transfer fee for Kylian Mbappe

PSG, short for Paris Saint-Germain, has said that it seeks a world record transfer fee to let go of their star champion Kylian Mbappe. He is yet to make a public statement about his intentions to stay in the club. However, reports are surfacing that his representatives are in touch with the football club.

PSG is potentially seeking to extend the contract till 2025. It expires in the summer of next year with little window left for Real Madrid or other clubs to take him away from them. Real Madrid is actually considering the offer, but they are yet to get back to PSG on the point of $273 million transfer fees.

Talks between Kylian Mbappe’s representatives and PSG are optimistic, except that the club has openly stated their intentions of not wanting to lose the French champion. The 24-year-old is likely to make a public comment soon.

Kylian Mbappe was last seen being happy on the bench, with happy referring to being in a positive mood. That was in the opener of the tournament, under the assumption that his negotiations with the club had concluded. Kylian Mbappe apparently wanted to review the contract for an opportunity to leave the club as a free agent. Club has refused to accept that term so far, but his representatives are pushing all the possible boundaries.

The punishment included no training and no visit to Japan for a preseason event. He even kept away from the dressing room and friendly matches. Considering the way he brought France back to life in the recently concluded FIFA World Cup, fans can only assume this treatment to be harsh.

Truth be told, PSG is struggling to get a win against their opponents. They have played four matches in August 2023 and have just a single win. That came against Jeonbuk for 3-0. Other events either ended in a draw or a loss. The most recent draw was against Toulouse, where both teams would find their nets only one time. Some of the best Football betting sites are fully interested to see the club win without Kylian Mbappe. Fans share the same sentiments.

The relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Naseer Al-Khelaifi has been somewhat broken. It is unclear how things got to that extent, but the conversations have been happening mostly through lawyers and letters only.

Bids have been made before. For instance, Al Hilal made a bid of €300 million, but that did not suffice to meet the requirements of Kylian Mbappe at that moment. It is now said that he actually wants to play for Real Madrid in Spain with an agreement in hand already. The signing fee is approximately €100 million.

The expectation was that Real Madrid would take it up a notch. The call did not go through, and the matter is in the middle of the order.

Bettors have their eyes glued to updates in this matter. Odds vary largely based on how Mbappe reacts to future offers. The struggle for PSG is real since he is one of the major driving forces behind their victories.

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