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Queiroz Returns To IR Iran, Looks To Craft History

Queiroz has been re-appointed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation to take IR Iran to the FIFA World Cup Qatar, 2022. Queiroz has previously been a part of the team for two World Cups, and this marks his third one and fourth overall as the Coach.

Queiroz left IR Iran in January 2019 after the team went down against Japan by 3-0 in Asian Cup Semi-Final. Defeated, Queiroz headed to Egypt, intending to take the team forward. The experience did not turn out as per his expectation, as many major players went abroad after getting picked by clubs.

The retirement of country legends like Essam El Hadary, Mohamed Aboutrika, and Wael Gomaa further added to the worry. Queiroz was criticized on several occasions; however, he rose against all odds after consulting with his counterpart – Hector Cuper.

Hector Cuper was the last to guide the Egyptian team to the World Cup. A few words from his side gave Queiroz an idea that the team could make it to the tournament, provided the defense was stiffed. That took the Egyptian team to the Semi-Final of the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 and the CAF Africa Cup of Nations finals.

Criticisms intensified, following which Queiroz left the team with no further hope of taking any team to the World Cup.

IR Iran has always admired the dedication of Queiroz even though he has never won any trophy for the team. Queiroz succeeded merely in taking the team to the World Cup for two consecutive years, a commendable achievement based on the track record of IR Iran.

The team has only been to the World five times until now.

  • Argentina in 1978
  • France in 1998
  • Germany in 2006
  • Brazil in 2014
  • Russia in 2018

If Queiroz makes it to the tournament, it would be the third consecutive time for IR Iran to qualify for the World Cup. FIFA betting sites will have stats to showcase how safe the bet on IR Iran will be if the team qualifies for the tournament. Following which bets can be placed to earn rewards.

IR Iran will be up against USA, England, and Wales in Qatar 2022 in Group B. With a lot of admiration from the country, Queiroz is all geared up to craft history with his third World Cup for the country and fourth overall, as per the latest sports news.

Queiroz brings the experience of working across five continents with different clubs and national teams. These include Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and South America.

Reputed clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United had him for 297 matches. Queiroz worked at Manchester United as an assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson and as the head coach at Real Madrid.

IR Iran came close to going past the first round in Russia 2018 but got short by one more goal against Portugal.

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