Riot Animation Launches Livestream Event For LightBoX Users

Designed as a powerful community of renowned animators and game developers, the Riot Animation Team has announced the date for the launch of the highly-anticipated Animation Livestream event on September 11 at 11 AM PDT on the network. The event will be organized as one of the popular inclusions of the Light Box Expo which will run between September 11 through September 13 for animation fans. The team took to its Twitter handle to broadcast the news stating:

According to the report, the RAT network will bring together the best animators, creators, and developers on board during the Animation Livestream event. The attendees will get a golden chance to interact with the renowned artists virtually. They will be allowed to ask questions, indulge in talks, and seek guidance in improving their craft from industry leaders.

The Lightbox Expo is a powerful stage that celebrates the art of animation, illustration, live action, and online gaming by giving  the best talents in the industry a platform  to impart their knowledge with others. It aims to develop a connection with fellow creators,  increase their visibility , enhance their skills, and guide aspiring entrants. The Animation Livestream event will have noteworthy guests, from Oscar winner Everett Downing to “Shape of Water”’s artist Natalie Hall.

The Expo will feature nearly 300 popular visitors showing their talent through 200 vivid presentations focused on animation and art. The registrations were started on August 24 and are available for anyone willing to admire the artwork. The cost for the registration is as low as $1 and as high as $40 for those willing to enjoy a full-tier display or buy bags and collections designed by famous creators like Mike Mignola.

LightBox Expo will organize several events featuring individual art work. Most of the programs will consist of downloadable content that will be easily available for access on the portal’s official website.

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