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Rob Gronkowski will reprise Kick of Destiny at Super Bowl LVIII

Four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski will return to Super Bowl LVIII for the sequel to last year’s Kick of Destiny, according to FanDuel Group, North America’s leading online gambling firm, and NFL’s Official Sports Betting Partner. Gronkowski will go to Las Vegas for FanDuel’s “Kick of Destiny 2,” where he will attempt to make a field goal right before the Super Bowl kickoff. 

As per the latest betting news, Kay Adams, the designated host of FanDuel TV’s Up & Adams, will serve as a commentator during Gronkowski’s subsequent attempt at the Kick of Destiny; however, unlike his previous attempt, Adams will be confronted by a live audience. 

The Kick of Destiny is getting a new interactive feature from the firm. Through the FanDuel Sportsbook application, customers will have the chance to receive a free selection based on their estimate of Gronkowski’s success or failure. Deserving clients who can correctly predict will be eligible to win an equal amount of $10 million in bonus bets. 

The initial “Kick of Destiny 2” commercial shows Gronkowski walking through the desert, haunted by the memories of last year’s botched attempt, but an unlikely coach comes to his rescue. His training routine will be the subject of the unified marketing campaign. Prominent figures from the entertainment and sports industries, such as John Cena, who opposes Gronkowski’s success while coach Carl Weathers supports him, will be introduced to increase the appeal.

According to Rob Gronkowski, he has worked really hard to succeed this time, and his motivation stems from the notion that he will not let FanDuel down a second time.

According to FanDuel’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd, the last Kick of Destiny saw a lot of user participation and anticipation from the Super Bowl promotions. This time around, particularly with the addition of the Make or Miss free pick feature, there will undoubtedly be more amusement for the enthusiasts.

According to WWE wrestler John Cena, the negative character he gets to play fits him just fine. The fact that he is linked with FanDuel makes it even more appealing to him. The initial advertisement is accessible on YouTube.  

FanDuel is an innovative sports-oriented entertainment company that is transforming how customers engage with the teams, divisions, and sports of their choice. The organization comprises various industry leaders in daily fantasy sports, sports betting, television and media, and gaming. FanDuel Group conducts business in every state in the United States and claims to have nearly 17 million consumers interacting with 30 retail locations. It is a New York-based company operating in Scotland, Portugal, Romania, California, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon, and Georgia.

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