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Rudy Gobert gets dismissed due to misconduct in Q2 of Minnesota’s final

Rudy Gobert, a French professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA (National Basketball Association), rejoined the team on Thursday after his suspension for the team’s first play-in game. He lingered back in trouble which compromised the player’s status once again. 

He was dropped from the game on Sunday after he threw a punch at Kyle Anderson in a heated argument during the second-quarter timeout at Minnesota’s final game. As a punishment, the Wolves decided to keep him home during their trip to Los Angeles, losing 108-102 to the Lakers in overtime on Tuesday after blowing a lead of 15 points. 

The reporters spoke to the team on Thursday for the very first time after the public brawl where Gobert claimed that he would probably not be fit enough to play the game against the Lakers. However, he aims to return on Friday during the Wolves’ hosting in Oklahoma City as their final chance to make the playoffs. 

The three-time NBA Defensive Player Of The Year award winner, Gobert, also stated that he is still suffering from soaring pain and not being able to move, but he is making gradual progress. Basketball betting enthusiasts can keep a close eye on the NBA betting sites to get all the news and updates on ongoing matches.

The team cleared that the matter had been resolved before the player joined the team back on the floor on Thursday. The players apologized to each other and moved on, considering it a part of life. According to Gobert, sometimes it is not possible to control even when millions of viewers are watching their games, having opinions on things happening on the floor. What can be controlled is the respect that the players have for one another and their relationship. 

Kylie Anderson expressed the same during his interview on Sunday after the game and on Tuesday before the Lakers faced the Wolves. Gobert claimed his love for Anderson and still considers him his brother. Gobert also said, ‘Sometimes you fight with your family. Sometimes you fight with people that you have a lot of love and respect for.’

He also stated that no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but you grow and move on from it. It cost the Wolves a steep price to acquire the player, trading him with Utah last season, where the 7ft France native had a frustrating entrance in Minnesota.

He has struggled to be a part of the team as the 2nd big man in the office along with Karl-Anthony Towns and found it troublesome to get on the same page with the guards. 

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