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ReadyRaider joins hands with Dash to expand its appeal among eSports players

ReadyRaider is one of the most important providers in the eSports industry. It has carved a space for itself, and in order to expand its wings further, the company has now struck a partnership with the cryptocurrency payment platform, Dash.

Just so you know, ReadyRaider has been a leading provider of the gaming tools in the eSports segments.

The platform has got the backup of World of Warcraft (WoW), and with the help of ReadyRaider, players can create a guild and then launch a coordinated attack on the enemy’s territory. If the raid turns out to be successful, then the winning force will get the assets of the defeated players, which they can distribute among themselves. It is important to note that before the advent of ReadyRaider, most of the players had to make do with outdated systems to distribute rewards. The popularity of the ReadyRaider can easily be estimated from the fact that within 3 weeks since the platform started its operation, a user base of as large as 5,000 players joined the platform. Another feather to the cap of ReadyRaider has come in the form of an official license that the platform has got to organize Blizzard Tournament. ReadyRaider had already added support for the Tarkov’s Escape – a hugely popular game in the online space – which is helping the platform to bring more gaming enthusiasts to its kitty.

New Partnership Detail

The partnership with the Dash will definitely help the ReadyRaider to become a preferred choice of betting on eSports segment. The blockchain payment technology will ensure the safety and security of the users while transacting in terms of payments, thereby bringing an extra layer of genuineness to the table. The integration of the Dash will make the latter preferred blockchain payment system on the ReadyRaider’s site. Users can use Dash for performing a number of tasks, including subscription purposes and in-game purchasing requirements. Dash can also be used in order to make an entry into the tournament besides serving the tipping motives.


The partnership has the potential to give a fillip to the use of cryptocurrency in the online gaming industry. This will add to the use case of Dash while enlarging the user base for the ReadyRaider platform. In sum, the partnership is expected to bode well for both organizations.

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