SBC Digital Summit: Gaming Industry to Come Together to Share Ideas

The SBC Digital Summit is one of the largest online events designed to encourage the betting and gaming industry during unsettled times, especially when there is already a Global Health Crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak which has had a terrific impact on all the businesses.

To talk about the current status of the industry, SBC has come together with the experts and leaders from the industry to share their ideologies and views about what measures can be taken and what tools can be used to look forward to the plethora of opportunities for the industry.

The SBC Digital Summit has the most detailed online plan, that is spread over for five days. The Summit aims to cover the complete betting and gaming industry, including sports betting, casino gaming, poker, virtual sports, lotteries, payments, and digital marketing.

Scheduled to be held by the end of April, the gaming event is expected to provide an opportunity for gaming operators to come together and discuss how the ongoing pandemic is having a massive effect on business.

JD Duarte, CEO of Betcris is one of the key speakers at the Summit. Duarte is of the belief that it is really important for the industry to come together at this hour of crisis. We together need to discuss how to overcome the issue and find a solution to face the challenges.

Duarte started betting in sports in 1997. Duarte took the best possible advantage of the opportunities he got and made it a personal goal to take over Betris brand’s growth.

Along with him, Paris Smith, CEO of Pinnacle also spoke about the upcoming digital summit. Smith believes that this is a great endeavor by SBC events to bring the gaming industry together during tough times.

The coronavirus can be a big push for the online gaming industry which can lead to its legalization around the world. This time the gaming industry has the opportunity to re-shape itself. The SBC Digital Summit will provide a virtual platform so that the leaders of the industry can share ideas and work forward.

Michael Grant

Michael writes news articles covering covering whole casino industry. He is passionate about online poker games. He regularly contributes in-depth news stories regarding casino industry and legislations.

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