Best Snooker Betting Sites 2022 – Top Online Snooker Sportsbooks

Snooker Betting – An Overview

Snooker is a cue ball sport played on a rectangular table with green baize. There are 21 balls in total, and players are expected to pot all 21 balls in the correct sequence to accumulate the most points.

The one with the most total points by potting all the balls first in each frame is declared the winner, and the player who reaches the required number of frames first is declared the match winner.

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Sports betting markets, commonly known as “sportsbooks”, are currently thriving. Snooker betting is among the most popular sportsbooks in the market. This review of the best snooker betting sites intends to arm you with reliable snooker betting tips on what to expect from all the major betting sites in the market. We would be guiding you through all the betting sites and help you choose the one that suits your needs. We will also inform you about certain special snooker betting tips, including how favorable odds work.

Legalities of Snooker Betting Sites

People from all over the world can bet online, but certain countries have restrictions preventing users from betting in any form or manner. So, it is important to ensure your country of residence is not restricted by the sportsbook you choose. Even if online sports betting is not allowed, you can still register with several online sportsbooks to place a bet.

Verifying if the sportsbook is licensed and regulated is also important so you won’t be scammed. Betting with a trustworthy and registered gambling site is imperative so you don’t lose all your money. Also, please ensure your chosen betting site is under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission of that country. For a UK player, that would be the Gambling Commission of England.

How Do We Rate Online Snooker Betting Sites?

We look at several factors which can determine how competent a snooker betting site is compared to its peers. These factors include licenses and regulations, the best odds, the promotions offered, the types of payments accepted, the reliability of their customer support, the availability of a mobile application and how easy on the eye its design and user interface are.


A wide variety of bonus promotions are available on each snooker betting site. These bonus promotions range from deposit bonuses to free bets or both, depending on the sportsbook chosen. Bettors now have a chance to win some amazing rewards at their chosen sportsbook by simply registering with the website and adding their first deposit to instantly claim their welcome bonus and first deposit bonus.

Payment Options

Deposit and withdrawal options on any given platform would vary. The fiat currency accepted would vary from region to region. Modes of payment would include wire transfers, debit card deposits, e wallets and credit cards. Some sites even offer cryptocurrencies as a payment option as well.


It is important to ensure that the customer service team is always available. The best betting sites have a diligent customer support team that ensures that the players are well informed about the platform to make the right decisions.

Mobile Experience

A complete mobile gaming experience is not very uncommon. The more popular and trustworthy betting sites all provide a mobile gaming experience, which is a huge help to potential players as now they can play anywhere on the go as a result.

Design and User Interface

The design and user interface of a website are key to its popularity. The easier a website is to navigate, the more likely players will return to play at that betting site. The best sportsbooks have an easy-to-navigate design, which gives better clarity for the players to perform tasks faster.

How to Get Started at Snooker Betting Sites?

Getting started at snooker betting sites is relatively easy. In just a few simple steps, you can start betting on snooker on any gambling site of your choice.

  • First, choose from any of the best sites provided. Make sure to go through the top sites, checking their pros and cons before choosing.
  • Once you have chosen a gambling site, register with the site by providing the requested personal information to create a new account number. Now, wait for the verification process to be completed.
  • Once the registered information has been verified, go to “my account” and then choose “deposits.” From the list of deposit methods available, choose a convenient method of cash deposit and add money to your account.
  • Once money has been added, check for favorable odds. Make sure to go with the odds while placing your first bet as better odds show a more likely chance of success.

Popular Snooker Betting Events & Tournaments

Snooker as a game has been increasing in popularity as there are plenty of different snooker tournaments available now at best sportsbooks for players to bet on snooker and enjoy the game. The major events are together called the triple crown events of the British cue ball sport, which include major tournaments such as the Snooker World Championship, the Masters, and the UK championship.

Snooker World Championship

The most famous snooker tournament is the World Snooker Championship, held at the iconic Sheffield’s Crucible Theater. The snooker matches begin in April and go on until May. The event features some of the best snooker players in the world, including Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, and Judd Trump.

UK Championship

This prestigious tournament is held every year from the 27th of November to the 5th of December at the York Barbican Center. Zhao Xintong will be looking to defend his crown this year following his victory in the 2021 event. The UK Championship is the premier snooker event in Great Britain.


This tournament takes place in January and play is held at the prestigious Alexandra Palace. Neil Robertson is the defending champion here. The tournament has an elite snooker playing field of 16 players, with each snooker match having 11 frames.

Player’s Tour Championship

This tournament occurs over four or five days, with the best players joining after two or three days. The field consists of 128 players, with each game consisting of 7 frames. The possibilities for upsets are greater due to the low number of frames.

Normal Ranking Events

These matchups consist of 9 frames per game, increasing to 11 in the quarters and semifinals, and going up to 17 or 19 by the time the final arrives. The field starts at 128 and is narrowed down to 32 in the final stages.

Champion of Champions Snooker

This is a non-ranking event where previous winners will automatically qualify. The first round starts with seven frames, eleven frames in the quarter and semi-finals and 19 in the final. A quarter is produced daily, producing a semifinalist each day.

Promotions Offered by Snooker Betting Websites

The best snooker betting sites offer a variety of promotions and bonuses, which include a welcome package. The welcome package for new customers usually includes a welcome bonus and a first deposit bonus, which means you get more money to wager with. Alternative offers include a matched deposit bonus and free bets. Almost all online sportsbooks offer a variety of lucrative offers so that you can place bets seamlessly.

Free bets can be very enticing, so it is important to make sure you go through all the promotions before you bet on snooker sportsbooks. A maximum free bet is where certain gambling platforms offer the maximum number of free bets when compared to other bettors. Be on the lookout for such promotions, as promotional offers can vary over time.

Available Payment Methods at Snooker Sportsbooks

Online payments are generally tracked, recorded, and insured in some cases. Credit card payments are currently unavailable for UK-based casinos. However, money can be withdrawn and deposited using various other methods. Some of them are wire transfers, debit card payments, and e wallets to name a few. Some accepted wallets include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Certain online sportsbooks even accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Cryptocurrencies usually have minimal fees when compared to other modes of payment. They are also much more secure and untraceable.

Types of Snooker Bets To Bet On

Players are usually confused about what each bet does, so we will briefly describe each bet. Some of the other bets not mentioned below would include snooker futures and in-play betting. In-play betting is when the player decides to place a bet mid-match while observing the live match.

Match Winner

As the name suggests, the match winner bet is used to predict the winner of a match. It is one of the most popular bets placed. Whoever reaches the targeted frame mark first is declared the winner.

Frame Winner

Each game has a predetermined set of frames, ranging from 7-19 frames per game. Instead of predicting the match winner, users can now go in-depth into each game and predict the next frame winner.

Frame Betting

When betting on each frame, instead of predicting the winner of each frame, you can also predict the score of each frame.

Length of Frame

This enables you to bet for the time elapsed from the start of each break to the end of the frame.

Length of Match

This enables you to place a bet for the time elapsed from the start of the match to the finish of the match instead of each frame.

Highest Break

This enables you to predict the player with the highest break in a match or even during each frame.

Most Popular Online Snooker Betting Markets

Understanding the betting market and snooker odds is important before you place a bet. Before you bet on snooker, let us have a look at some of the best snooker betting markets available currently.

Match Bets or 1×2 Bet

A match bet is one of the most common bets available. In this bet, you are required to predict the winner of the match about to be played. Hence, you must be familiar with the two players involved.


Like in other sports, certain players are head and shoulders above the rest. In such instances, handicap betting is employed. Under handicap rules, the player who is the favorite is given a negative frame handicap, and the underdog is given a positive frame handicap.


This bet on snooker enables you to predict the outright winner of the tournament. Before placing wagers, it is important to do your research on the players involved and the history of the tournament you are betting on. Having access to such data is a key part of the bet’s success.

To Win the Quarter

This type allows users to place a bet and predict the quarter-finals. This type of betting is extremely common in the World Snooker Championships.

Qualifying Bet

A qualifying bet is a bet that a bookmaker offers you that qualifies you for positive returns when the bet is won.

How to Choose the Best Snooker Betting Site?

When choosing a snooker betting site, it is important to remember what exactly you’re looking for. Also, the chosen platform for snooker gambling must be fully licensed and regulated to minimize the possibility of fraud.

Interface and Easy Navigation

The user interface is a key aspect of the success of any gambling site. Navigation on certain websites can be difficult. Hence, ease of access is an important factor, as the top sites offer the most seamless experience possible.


Most sports betting sites offer a variety of promotions and bonuses. The bonus would come in handy while placing a wager, as you would be able to make more bets to earn more prize money. The bonus features involved can help the platform get new customers as their offers can be very enticing.

Best Snooker Odds

The best betting sites are the ones that offer the best odds. Before you place wagers, make sure to check the overall odds. Predictions should always be based on the odds, so always be aware of the latest snooker odds in the market before placing a bet, as you don’t want to let a bet slip.

Good Mobile Betting Experience

If you have observed, you will notice that the best gambling sites hosting the biggest events all have a mobile gaming platform. The mobile version ensures that customers can get sports betting opportunities anytime, anywhere. It will ensure that customers will not miss out on different events and tournaments they are looking forward to.

Helpful Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies

Placing wagers on snooker online has never been easier. Hence, it is important to have your unique betting strategy to stay on top.

Use Available Resources

It is foolish not to use all available resources before placing a bet. The most informative page would be the official world snooker page, which would provide player information and schedules in advance. Player information is vital before placing a bet, and it is important to know the state of mind of the player involved before wagering on them.

Make Every Tournament Count

Tournaments are played all year round, and the length of the games played will vary from stage to stage. During the initial stages, the chance of an upset is higher as there are only 7 frames compared to more than double during the latter stages when a snooker player such as Ronnie O’Sullivan comes into his zone.

Be Aware of Break-Builders

A century break is common, but certain players are capable of taking multiple century breaks in a single game. It is beneficial to keep a keen eye on betting odds for total centuries in games which involve the very top players.

Reaching the Final

This betting option is a great choice when you like to hedge your funds slightly to give you a slight advantage. As a result, you will have a slight advantage when your pick gets there. Try picking one player in each half of the draw to increase your interest in proceedings.

Snooker Betting Mobile Experience

The desktop versions of snooker betting sites are available for every sportsbook in the market. Only the very best betting sites have a fully functioning mobile application in place. Mobile applications are becoming necessary as players can place bets through their phones anytime, anywhere. It ensures that the player does not miss their favorite snooker tournaments, including the world championship, and will always be available to observe and wager. Betting on snooker has never been easier than it is now, and mobile applications play a major role in that.


Is Snooker Betting Legal?

Yes, it is very legal to place bets online. A betting site can accept deposits from other countries, including the U.S., as long as local laws permit. Hence, it is important to do thorough research before wagering.

How Popular Is Snooker for Betting?

Snooker is one of the lesser-known markets in the game. Since it originated in the U.K., it would be more familiar to new UK customers than any other player from the U.S. as of now.

Which Is the Best Snooker Betting Site Currently?

BetUS sportsbook is highly recommended for snooker online betting. Their customer service is top-notch and is available 24×7. In the U.K, Bet365 would be the most popular one available when it comes to snooker.

I Have Multiple Sportsbooks Accounts. Can I Use Different Sportsbooks for Placing My Bets?

Yes, you can use multiple sportsbooks to place your snooker bets. It is one tactic used by seasoned gamblers to maximize profits.

What Are the Best Snooker Betting Odds?

Better odds mean larger prize money for your wagers. It’s suggested to place a bet on multiple sportsbooks so that all wagers will be balanced out.

Are There Snooker Betting Companies Offering Mobile Betting?

Yes, several betting sites offer a mobile betting experience. It is advised to check the legality of the chosen betting site in your area of residence before wagering.

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