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Sports Updates Post Covid 19 Epidemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the sports world, with most of them stood canceled and others were modified, post the announcement of WHO that declared Coronavirus as Pandemic. Here is a list of the sports that are canceled owing to the Coronavirus outbreak.


NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the nonprofit organization regulating athletes from around 1,268 North American institutions, has called off their basketball tournaments in both the male and female categories. It also canceled all other spring and winter championships tournaments. Again, after 2 of the Utah Jazz players named Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were tested positive for Covid 19, NBA, or the National Basketball Association of North America, soon called off the entire season and made the announcement on March 11. It will be effective until any further notice comes from the government.


MLB or the Major League Baseball is the oldest baseball organization in the US and Canada has also announced the cancellation of the remaining spring training and postponed the Opening Day for at least two weeks now, owing to the fear of Coronavirus spread. If you are looking for MLB betting sites then visit here to get the list of top sportsbooks.


NHL or the National hockey league has also suspended the game after two of the senators in Ottawa were tested positive for Coronavirus. However, NHL has also announced to resume its schedule soon, as there are about 189 games remaining in the regular season with only half a week’s time. Only ten games completed before the order of suspension was announced. If you are want to bet on NHL games then click here to know more about it.


Euro 2020 has been postponed till 2021, along with the Champions League and the Europa league that stands suspended until the situations pacify. Major League Soccer or the MLS has also been postponed to May 10. Both Germany and France have also called off two of their top divisions of football to break the chain of the Corona Spread further.

Sports Going Ahead

Yet, some sports could not be canceled because of the financial issues, though they are very few. For example, the Australian A-League and Turkish Super League will continue to be playing globally.

All these endeavors from the sports world are to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus that has already cost thousands of lives all around the world.

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