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The Most Common Myths About Slot Machines

Classic slot machines have been around in casinos for a very long time. You probably didn’t know that the first slot was invented way back, in the 19th century! However, you probably heard about some myths and misconceptions that follow slot machines and online slots. Also, you need to play the specific slot in a particular timeframe to win. Play only “hot” slot machines, slot machines in the lobby of some casino are worse than those in the back. Of course, most of these myths, if not all, are entirely untrue, and in this article, we will explain why. However, we don’t say that you shouldn’t listen to anybody; you can believe true reviews from professional gamblers, just don’t believe in these widely spread myths.

Hot and Cold Slot Machines

One of the most common misconceptions is the one about hot and cold slot machines. You probably noticed at least one guy in your local casino who is spending almost the whole day in it, but you rarely see him play. That guy is wasting his time and energy because he believes in this myth.

In a nutshell, the theory about hot and cold slot machines is built around the misconception that if there were no big winners at one particular slot machine for a while, the jackpot is approaching because that machine must “release the funds” eventually.

Eventually, it will, because everything about slots can be explained by probability and random numbers generator. But that doesn’t mean that if the slot failed to give the jackpot to anybody in the long period, that period is about the end. The chances that the particular slot will give the jackpot today are the same for tomorrow and the day after. Past events don’t affect that probability at all. However, in our head, we calculate the possibility for something to happen by accumulating past events, but that is not something we should do.

Imagine that you think about something else, for example, getting struck by lightning. If the lightning failed to hit you in the past, does that mean that the chances for that are growing in the remaining part of your life? Of course not, the chances are always the same, and it is the same for slot machines.

The Location of Slot Machines

Imagine yourself in one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, for example, Bellagio. The lobby is huge; you can play whatever you want, from card games, slots, other casino games with live dealers, literally everything. But, if you want slots, don’t sit at the first you see, no sir! You have to roam around the casino and find the machines that are ditched somewhere in the back because huge casinos will promote and put shiny looking slots that will only take your money near the entrance, while the ones that are the hardest to find will pay big bucks.

If you think about how the casino is working and earning money, this might have sense, right? Well, not really, if you know how the casino is making money. Of course, casinos don’t like big winners. But every casino game, including slots, is programmed in a way for a house to get an edge. Someone will win big, many more will lose big, and the house will have profit all the time. They just need more players. And to get more players, they need marketing, and they need word of mouth from the big winners.

Play Specific Slots in a Specific Time

This myth was created with the fusion of the previous two. It says that specific slots are giving huge payoffs only in a particular timeframe. It can be a specific day of the week, or it can even be specific hours, late afternoon, early in the morning, etc. And, you just need to figure out when that moment will occur. A piece of cake! So, camping in a casino and playing for quarters is a way to go while closely following other players and their big wins. As you might imagine, this myth is complete nonsense. There is no way to program slot machines to give payouts in specific time frames.


Slot machines are based on random number generators, so their sequence and big wins are entirely random. You can’t find any pattern or logic behind their series, so every myth you hear is certainly not true. Of course, there is a way to learn more about slots and raise your chances to win, if you know more about slot playing strategies.

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