The Netherlands’ gambling regulator fines Gammix Limited $21.2 mn

A penalty of $21.2 million has been levied against Gammix Limited by the Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). This pertains to the operation of the organization’s enterprise without a valid certification.

Gammix was compelled to cease operations in the Dutch market in 2022 or face weekly penalties of 1.4 million euros. The regulator requested the operator to remit a payment of 4.4 million euros in March due to non-compliance with local legislation.

This current penalty is associated with the other two directives as a result of Gammix’s failure to take the necessary actions. The operator continues to offer uncertified online gambling options across multiple domains, attracting Dutch players, as per the KSA. There are numerous such sites, including,, and The case concerned and in 2023.

In accordance with its current directives, the KSA has specified the monitoring of Gammix-related websites in 2022, given the sustained activity. However, the operator refuted every allegation.

According to the gambling news, The KSA reported that gamers were able to access the sites through a Dutch ISP, and Gammix was accepting registrations from the Netherlands. Notwithstanding Gammix’s refutation, the regulatory body assessed a sanction of 19.6 million euros, equivalent to 6.5% of the company’s total revenue of 302.7 million euros.

Gammix has chosen to challenge the directives issued by the KSA. Phil Pearson, the director of Gammix, asserts that the entire circumstance is entirely unwarranted. According to him, the connections between the sites and the accounts were established in Luxembourg, and the funds were transmitted via credit cards. From his perspective, the calculations concerning the penalty amount were also included.

The KSA’s investigative approach has recently been mired; in March 2023, the operator, Videoslots, was fined a total of 9.87 million euros. The KSA attempted to impersonate a Dutch user in 2024 but was unsuccessful. The regulator then successfully established an unauthorized connection under the pretense of a German user and deposited a 20-cent wager. Upon perceiving this, the operator promptly engaged its protective measures. The operator, however, denied everything.

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