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Twitch Partners Introduces Skipping Ads Facility on Platform

In an important development, a new facility will be rolled out for the Twitch Partners very soon. The platform has announced that streaming partner associated won’t be compelled to sit through the advertisement on its broadcasting programs. The news was broken by the Twitch Partner Discord channel, and according to the details, the company was working on this particular feature in a completely discreet manner.

The primary advantage of this feature is that partners of the platform can easily switch between different channels and no longer be forced to sit through the advertisement during the broadcast. This is akin to the benefit associated with the Turbo subscription that the platform offers to its streaming partners.

The new ad-free feature will apply to mid-roll and pre-roll advertisements, although there will be exceptions to this rule, such as partnered or sponsored broadcast with certain brands like the NFL. This facility will be available only for the streaming partners and not extend to the affiliates associated with the platform. The feature is being rolled out as a part of the company’s strategy to help partners access other channels. By equipping partners with the ability to skip advertisements, it becomes easy for partners to search and raid other channels.

This change will not impact the experience of viewers who are required to have a subscription to a particular channel or turbo subscription to avoid seeing advertisements on the platform. An official announcement and press release from the company are expected to appear soon in the future.

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