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VGCCC gives 60 days to operators to comply with the rule for minors

VGCCC, short for Victorian Gambling & Casino Control Commission, has taken a step to protect minors in the sport. The Commission has announced a ban on bets on their games. This includes any specific event during the game or the outcome of the game. The objective of imposing such a ban is to make sure that minors are protected at all costs and that their game does not fall under undue influence at any stage.

VGCCC has sent a letter to all the operators, giving them 60 days to comply with the ban. Those who fail to do so will face severe inquiries and actions. These include:

  • Revoking the approval
  • Prosecuting betting providers

The letter sent by the Commission to operators specifically states that the activity of allowing users to bet on minors is in sharp contrast to the public interest. It adds that it causes concerns about integrity and gambling-related incidents. The ban, once implemented, will restrict operators and their users from betting on a game that involves players below the age of 18. It will also include events where the age category is Under 19.

Meaning a bet cannot be placed on minors whether they are playing a junior sport or a senior sport. The bet extends to their individuality and the outcome of the game; however, betting on the outcome of the game is mostly related to the Under 18 category.

Here is the list of activities that the Commission has banned and asked operators to comply with:

  • The sporting event where minors are the participants
  • The under-19 sporting events
  • A particular outcome on players when they are 18 years or younger in the sporting event

An exception is that if a minor is playing a senior sport, then the bet can be placed at sports betting sites on the outcome of the team of which the minor is a part. Per the press release published by VGCCC, the ban covers every type of sport irrespective of its coverage under the governance. Or irrespective of the body that is governing the sport. Fran Thorn, the VGCCC Chair, has said that the Commission believes that minors must be protected at all costs, and the idea of betting on minors just does not stand up. Fran has further added that there is a possibility of people trying to influence the manner in which minors play their games.

It has been confirmed that action will be taken against operators who fail or refuse to comply with the new requirement of the license. Outcomes on individuals that have been banned are the first player to take a wicket, most disposals, and the first goal of the game, among many others.

Meanwhile, the Australian Communications & Media Authority has blocked a total of five illegal online gambling websites. The effort is driven by the objective of eliminating gambling operators who are functioning in the region without a valid license.

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