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WA.Technology eyes African expansion with NE Group joint venture

WA.Technology and NE Group have established a partnership to jointly introduce WA. Africa in an effort to expand their operations throughout the continent’s markets. In addition, they will participate in developing personalized platforms for upcoming initiatives in Africa.

Africa is renowned for its tremendous profitability for operators. The overarching objective of WA. Technology is to furnish its clients with optimal visibility. Given NE Group’s profound understanding and expertise of the African market, WA.Africa will have the capability to provide omnichannel platforms that are tailored to the local context and seamlessly incorporate mobile, retail, and online provisioning. A dedicated staff focused on the African market will provide these platforms.

The partnership, in conjunction with the WA.Africa framework, will merge WA.Technology’s objective of global expansion with NE Group’s capability of providing front-end services tailored to the African market. The operators will derive benefits from the exposure of their players to services that are oriented towards Africa.

The modular framework provided by NE Group, which is renowned for its NE Sportsbook and NE Games divisions, is in accordance with the requirements of both the sportsbook and casino sectors. This contributes to increased user engagement, a critical factor for any organization, especially those in the realm of online sportsbooks.

Imran Bukhari, CEO of NE Group, believes that collaboration with WA Technology will only grow in the future. An intriguing convergence can be observed between the leadership attributes exhibited by Tim Scoffham, their shared objective of expanding internationally and their meticulously crafted sports betting platform. As a result, operators in Africa will be presented with enormous growth opportunities.

Tim Scoffham, the chief executive officer of WA.Technology, stated that the partnership with NE Group and the launch of WA.Africa will assist the company in expanding its operations in Africa. They will have the chance to capitalize on the immense potential that NE Group possesses and develop collectively.

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