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Javier Zanetti Predicts Lionel Messi to Win Golden Boot and Golden Ball

Javier Zanetti, who was the defender for Argentina, has predicted that the current captain of the team will go on to win two important titles in the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Lionel Messi is expected to sweep the Golden Boot and Golden Ball at the tournament.

Plus, Argentina is one of the favorite teams to win the tournament. This could come as a bonus as Lionel Messi will be appearing in his fifth and final FIFA World Cup.

Argentina has been on a roll since last year with an unbeaten record of 35 matches, including the final of Copa America, which was played against Brazil. The total tally for the final of Copa America was 1-0 in favor of Argentina as the team picked up the trophy for the first time since 1993.

The breakthrough could continue in the World Cup. If it does, Lionel Messi will make Argentina the first non-European country to win the cup since 2002. Brazil was the last to raise the trophy. Messi has had an interesting career, with only the World Cup left to be won. Fans await for history to be written before them as Messi eyes to fulfill everyone’s dream – including his own.

While talking about Copa America, Lionel Messi said he could not believe that Argentina won the cup. He added that it was one of his goals he needed to try to close everything as per the sports news.

Argentina last came close to lifting the FIFA World Cup in 2014. The entire event stood still, with no score from each team. The tides turned when Germany added a single goal after extra time. Germany won the Cup 1-0, and Messi returned with the Golden Ball for being the best player throughout the tournament.

Javier Zanetti, when asked which team he would like Argentina to avoid in the final, immediately responded: France. Brazil was his pick when asked which team Argentina should go against in the final round of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Lionel Messi announced that this would be his final appearance at the FIFA World Cup. The statement has not pinched FIFA betting sites, and they continue to place Argentina in the list of favorites to list the Cup. He interacted with the media, saying yes, surely yes, surely yes when questioned if this was his last World Cup.

The stage for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is all set, with preparations in their final phase. November 20, 2022, will host the opening game of the tournament between Qatar and Ecuador for Group A. This will be followed by a Group B match between England and Iran.

The FIFA World Cup final will be played on December 18, 2022, hopefully with Argentina as one of the teams. Argentina has been placed in Group C with Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Poland.

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