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Yin Tao wins WPT Korea as Steve O’Dwyer wins Alpha8 One Drop

World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event Korea is over, and Yin Tao has emerged as the winner. The Chinese pro poker player secured 232,667 dollars after beating 758 participants.

The KRW 3,400,000 buy-in event had several ups and downs, but Tao managed to win the competition. The pro was followed by Valeriy Pak (197,332 dollars) and Chao Ting Cheng (251,595 dollars), who came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Meanwhile, Steve O’Dwyer managed to outperform the competition to score his second 7-figure win of the year. The pro took down the KRW 17,000,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Alpha8 One Drop to secure over a million dollars.

Adam Pliska, the CEO at WPT, also talked about the development. Pliska stated that it had been an amazing experience, be it the player turnout or the overall atmosphere. The WPT CEO thanked Jeju Shinhwa World, the partner of the event, for the hospitality and overall services.

Over 95 players at the Korea Main Event managed to win from a prize pool of KRW 2,246,947,400 (1,746,343 dollars). Tao had to defend his hand against Valeriy Pak and Chao Ting Cheng. It was Cheng who managed to secure the chip lead to win the biggest sum. However, it was Yin Tao who secured the entire competition.

It ended up being an emotional win for Tao, who stated it was a dream come true. The pro added that it was like a dream, and it was really difficult to win the WPT Main Event. The illustrious event came to an end with multiple players winning six-digit figures.


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