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Allwyn forms a strategic alliance with IWG

Allwyn, a lottery corporation based in Switzerland, has struck a strategic relationship with Instant Win Gaming. This will confer an advantage upon the organization in that it will enable it to enhance its content supply. The association will strive to benefit from IWG’s visibility as a provider of online instant win games associated with lotteries, as well as to expand its library of online games.

With the assistance of IWG’s two co-founders, Rhydian Fisher and Simon Bucknall, the two organizations will investigate profitable opportunities in the online instant win gaming sector.

According to Stepan Dlouhy, the CIO of Allwyn, they can now implement the enhanced content throughout the organization per the agreement. This will facilitate the provision of superior games to their connected users and enable the expansion of their user demographic. They intend to capitalize on the combined expertise of the co-founders in the online gaming industry to the fullest extent possible and expand their international presence.

According to IWG’s chief executive officer, Rhydian Fisher, this partnership with Allwyn will facilitate the organization’s exploration of novel avenues for enlisting additional gamers. They have committed to providing outstanding content to their associates to enhance their standing in the gaming industry.

The investment particulars stipulate that Allwyn will hold a 70% stake in IWG, with the funds coming from her existing financial channels. The investment is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2024.

This collaboration is subsequent to Allwyn’s recent accomplishments, which encompass obtaining the Fourth National Lottery Licence.

Moreover, the establishment of the partnership between IWG and BCLC in October 2023 served as the cornerstone for the implementation of Set for Life.

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