AviaGames sued for allegedly unethical business conduct

A lawsuit has been filed against AviaGames. It is assumed that the business has been engaging in illicit gambling-related operations. In addition to this, the company has been employing bots that prevent users from receiving actual cash prizes.

The lawsuit was initiated by shareholders from the company’s primary market, including Big Run Studios and Skillz Platform, who are seeking compensation. The primary allegation is that AviaGames siphoned off their technology to develop Bingo Clash, a game that closely resembles their virtual game, Blackout Bingo.

According to Skillz and Big Run, AviaGames’ unlawful activities included stealing their intellectual property and infringing on their copyrights for a variety of original and innovative works intended for the mobile video game industry.

In addition, Big Run and Skillz asserted that AviaGames illegally replicated their bot-using products and passed them off as real participants in order to deceive users. This has been noted frequently by agitated participants. While playing for real money, it appears that the participants received almost nothing.

As per the lawsuit, games that require specific skills are meant to provide the players with the option of taking part in competitions depending on their level of expertise and not having the house mostly win.

All of this is simply horrendous for the company and its image in the market, as AviaGames, according to the team members, has always been committed to absolute fair play where their gaming platform is concerned.

According to gambling news, the lawsuit takes a dig at the founder and CEO of AviaGames, Vickie Chen, who supposedly mentioned that the company’s priority is adopting fairness technology and anti-illegal methods.

Over and above all of that, there are allegations that the company has been involved in replicating Skillz’s commercials and utilizing their intellectual property to develop unfair games.

Skillz and Big Run Studios are looking for compensation as well as a directive to put an end to more copyright violations of their intellectual property.

Avia will be subject to violations of the Copyright Act, the California False Advertising Law, and the California Unfair Competition Law.

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