iGaming Ontario to Open Today, Operators Gearing Up for the Launch

The world is driven by tech-based platforms. The tech industry has taken a sudden turn with the introduction of decentralized blockchain networks. The casino sector has professionally leveraged this portion and integrated digital currencies to offer a better experience to those who could not visit land-based casinos.

One only needs to have an account in a regulated platform with his or her digital wallet securely linked to that account. Once done, users are granted unlimited access to all the casino games like poker, slots, and roulette, to mention a few. The Bitcoin video poker site trend has found more popularity with the promise of higher rewards to its users along with an amazing experience.

The Launch Of iGaming Ontario

Ontario, the East-Central province of Canada, is now gearing up to witness the fun that lies behind online casino games. Operators are preparing their platforms to host several games, with the entire industry scheduled to go live on Monday.

Once iGaming Ontario is launched successfully, Ontario will become the first province of Canada to take bets in a legal private online gambling sector. Gambling has always existed in the country, but it remained in the gray area. Many believe that regulating the sector will better help the province keep gambling activities under check.

It will open a huge door of opportunities for the province to earn revenue.

Users will have to find platforms that are registered in the regulated market. Following this, they will be able to access their respective websites and mobile applications.

The marketing campaign has been helmed by PointsBet Canada, a sports betting site. It has enrolled Curling Canada along with many more Canadian teams as partners. PointsBet is now working on getting Trailer Park Boys and the Canuck comedy group to join the list.

Patrick Eicher, the Spokesperson with PointsBet Canada, called this development significant. He added that Ontario would serve as the foundation and mecca of Canadian sports betting.

The province added to the statement by saying that the regulated market would help protect consumers and provide choices.

Despite the future carrying a lot of hopes for the province, many people have expressed their concerns about the effects that it may have on the land-based casinos.

According to a report published by HLT Advisory for Great Canadian Gaming, the land-based casino industry is estimated to lose thousands of jobs and $2.8 billion in revenues. These estimates are expected to come true in the next five years from the time iGaming Ontario opens on the market.

This has put the future of Crypto gambling and casinos in Ontario on edge. However, Emily Hogeveen, a Spokesperson for Bethlenfalvy, stated that the framework of iGaming will complement the land-based casino activities.

Emily Hogeveen added that the diversity brought in by the iGaming sector will act as a cross-promote for online and land-based sites.

As of now, 25 operators have registered with iGaming. The number is expected to grow in the near future as many platforms are boosting their advertisement on various platforms.

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