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Rams Lose To Bills, Sean McVay Calls It A Humbling Experience

The Los Angeles Rams lost to The Buffalo Bills with a margin of 21 points. While 10 points fell on their side, the Bills took home the victory with 31 points in their name. The Buffalo Bills are favorites to win the 2022 Super Bowl, and a margin of 21 points does nothing but only adds a pinch of worry for the Rams.

Sean McVay, the Head Coach of the Rams, has taken the fall on his shoulders by saying that they were not ready to go and the team missed its rhythm. Sean has committed to doing better in the coming matches. The loss with a margin of 21 points is historic as it follows only the loss of 22 points by the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens clashed with the Denver Broncos in 2013 and lost by 22 points. That’s how close both the losses are; therefore, it is historic in its own ways. Peyton Manning was the star in 2013 who later went on to win the AP NFL Most Valuable Player title.

Josh Allen of the Bills took that charge against the Rams in his 21st career game, where he passed and rushed for a touchdown.

The Buffalo Bills scored a total of 21 points in the second half with a contribution of 7 and 14 in Q3 and Q4, respectively. Surprisingly, the game came to a draw by the first half after the Rams touched down 10 points in the second quarter, as stated in recent sports news.

The Bills were already at 7 from the first quarter, and they only had to cover 3 more which they ultimately did before ending the first half. Now that NFL betting has picked up the smell of this loss and the fall, there could be a tiny change in how participants place their bets at top NFL betting sites.

The Los Angeles Rams scored zero throughout the game except for the second quarter. Players mustered only 23 yards in offense. They lacked rhythm, and Sean has acknowledged that in his media address.

Sean McVay has expressed his desire to get Allen Robinson more involved. While the margin is worrying, the team would still take it with a punch of positivity as it has 16 more games left to play. The next game is scheduled against the Atlanta Falcons on September 19, 2022, at SoFi Stadium.

The HC of the Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay, continues to place the belief on his team, stating that they would dust off the loss and move forward the right way.

Apart from the loss margin of 21 points, it is for the first time that Sean McVay is seeing his team go below .500.

Calculations would be deeper, and bets could see changing sides in a couple of games before the Rams prove that they are worthy of the admiration received until now.

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