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Bally’s Officials Interacting with Residents About Chicago Casino

The news of Bally’s Corporation planning a casino and a hotel in the River West of Chicago has grabbed the spotlight. However, it also raised concern among several citizens, which is why the casino officials took a step back and interacted with the citizens.

The residents recently got the chance to see the 1.7 billion dollar venue plans. Bally’s aims to include over 500 rooms with a 3,000-seat theater in the venue. Additionally, it plans on offering 170 table games and 3,400 slots.

However, the development did not bode well with some customers. One resident stated that most people are tired of promises that never come to reality. The citizens are asking for contracts and jobs, added the resident.

The recently revealed project will produce over 3,000 construction jobs with similar permanent jobs. Most of these roles will be made up of union jobs. Besides this, the company has also agreed to minority hiring, as much as 60%. They will be targeting areas with high unemployment rates to offer the most value.

Other than the employment concern, several residents have also raised issues regarding safety. The primary intention is to maintain the utmost safety around the online casino space.

Bally’s officials have announced plans to collaborate with Chicago police. The company will spend a minimum of 5 million dollars every year to uphold tight security.

City leaders have also expressed hope for the project, as it can yield a lasting and positive effect in the region. It is also crucial to bring financial stability and a source of income for multiple departments. Thus, most people expect the casino to be constructed without much hindrance in the coming time.

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