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How Online Casinos Broaden their Reach Amidst the Pandemic

Anyone following the latest news updates of the gambling industry should know that the online casinos are reaching their apex amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reasons are manifold. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, most brick and mortar casinos were shut down, which urged countries to legalize sports betting and online casinos to prevent the casino industry from drying up. Here are the reasons why online casinos are growing at such a rapid rate amidst pandemic warnings.

Reasons Why Online Casinos Gaining Popularity Amid Covid-19

  • Increased Internet Access and Cost-Effective Mobile Betting Applications

With the prices of smartphones reducing rapidly, everyone has one these days. The internet cost has also reduced massively, and there are plenty of casino apps available that do not need high-end phones to run the applications. Therefore, even if people cannot afford high-end smartphones, they can sit and participate in online games on their phones.

As more and more new players are signing up on the online gambling sites, these sites offer lucrative promotional offers to maintain their web traffic. Online casinos are also adding up more exciting games along with casino bonus to retain the players. Some online casinos also allow players to play slot games or table games for cash prices, which double the excitement of gambling enthusiasts.

Developers are offering more mobile content with more exciting features to fall for. For example, the old classic slots are outdated nowadays, and now slot games have different storylines. There are over six reels and more than 2000 pay lines with other exciting features in slot games. Online casinos are attracting customers with attractive layouts and designs of the casino sites.

Therefore, as compared to land-based casinos, online casinos are convenient and easily navigable due to any dealer’s absence; the respective casino gaming software operates online casinos. They are safe with plenty of gaming options and promotional offers. Online casino games keep players entertained while maximizing their playing conveniences and value-for-money. One such example of this is the recent relaunch of the classic game, Divine Fortune MegaWays” by NetEnt. (Read more about the game further down)

  • Social Distancing 

Online casinos provide a safety level that allows gamblers to meet their gambling enthusiasm by not being in crowds, thereby easily maintaining social distancing. This is not possible in physical casinos, and therefore most of the gamblers are now switching to online casinos henceforth. 

  • Beating Boredom 

COVID pandemic has left people stranded at home with practically nothing to do at home. People are utterly bored now after 6-7 months of continuously being at home. Casinos are a great way to kill time and boredom. As a result, more and more new players register to online casino sites; site owners have reported getting a 10 to 15% surge in the new registrations. Though there are plenty of free-to-play options available in most online casino sites, people opt for real-money bets to add to their excitement.

  • A Bit of Socializing 

Some online gambling sites allow people to interact with each other while placing bets to feel a physical casino’s vibe. However, in online games, people generally prefer to play in anonymity. Still, it is sometimes quite common for friends and colleagues to sign up on the same platform and switch on their webcams to interact throughout the gaming sessions.

NetEnt Unveils Classic Game, ‘Divine Fortune MegaWays’ to Maintain User Engagement 

NetEnt, the premium online gaming solutions provider, has come again with the biggest surprise of the year. It has revamped and redesigned one of its most popular slot games named “Divine Fortune,” released in 2017. The new slot game is called “Divine Fortune MegaWays.” The thrilling addition of MegaWays mechanics in the latest version of the game is expected to create more excitement among the players.

The new version will have six golden reels slot engines with the same Greek mythological beings Medusa, Manticore, Pegasus, and other mythical beings. There will also be those glittering coins as in the original game, but this time, it will be loaded with 117,649 Megaways™, and the maximum win will be 4502x. The new version, Divine Fortune Megaways™, will have the same features as Wild-on-Wild Expansion, Falling Wilds Re-Spins, and some Free Spins feature with three collectible bonus symbols with an extra 500x bonus.

However, the progressive jackpot feature has been omitted from the MegaWays version. The MegaWays mechanics will be having its volatility reduced to medium with a new RTP of 96.09%. How the latest version of the game manages to attract new players is yet to see.

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