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Sam Martin Signed a One-Year Contract With the Bills

Punter Sam Martin joined the Buffalo Bills side after the management presented a one-year deal to him. Sam Martin left Broncos as he had indicated a clear no to any type of reduction in the payment. The Broncos released him on Monday, and he has now filled in the vacancy of Matt Araiza in the Buffalo Bills.

Additionally, the Buffalo Bills fired two additional punters after they were charged in a civil lawsuit for gang-raping a juvenile at a San Diego State University at an off-campus party. The lawsuit pertains to the previous year, and the team management has released all the concerned parties.

Sam Martin is 32 years old with nine years of experience in the NFL. The Detroit Lions first picked him in 2013 in the draft’s fifth round. Sam Martin played with the team for the next seven seasons before getting on board with Denver, followed by the Broncos.

What makes Sam Martin one of the hot commodities is his record of 46 yards with 67 punts that he picked for the Broncos in 2021.

He has joined a new team and is committed to offering a dependable and experienced presence. Filling up the vacancies of the other two punters is still being considered, and the news can come in anytime.

These updates are crucial for those participating in the events organized by NFL betting sites. Any player who changes the side takes a lot of pointers with him. Participants at NFL betting sites place their bets on a team after noticing such changes.

However, this is not the only change that will affect their strategy. The Ravens have added Kenyan Drake after he was released by the Raiders last week, and the Ravens are dealing with uncertainties that Kenyan Drake will look to balance with his presence.

J.K. Dobbins has sustained a knee injury, and his presence on the field is doubtful for the first week. To add to the tense situation, Gus Edwards has also sustained an injury to go unavailable for at least four games on their way.

The Ravens are not new to this situation. It is almost the repetition of what happened in the previous year when Dobbins, Edwards, and Hill withdrew themselves to sustaining season-ending injuries.

As per the recent sports news, Kenyan Drake has signed a two-year deal with the team, hopeful of turning the tides in their direction for once.

Meanwhile, Sam Martin will look to stand on his commitment. Weather is an issue that has probably been discussed. That would hardly affect Sam Martin, as he is no stranger to those situations. His score was to the point in 2021, and he registered an average of 46 yards for the sixth continuous season that year. The aim would now be to improve for a better contribution to the team.

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