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Social Casinos: Things that You Should Know

The concept of social Casinos is fast catching up with the players. More and more players are now adopting the social casinos in place of the online casinos as the format provides a holistic entertainment experience without any risk of losing your hard-earned money. Just before we get into the details of the social casinos, it is very important to learn that social casino is the format where you can play the games in a friendly manner as no real money exchange will be involved. This essentially means you will not gain the money if you win, and similarly, you will not lose the money if you lose the game. The primary objective of social casinos is to provide a platform where people can entertain themselves by socializing with their friends, relatives, and companions.

How to Play Social Casino Games? 

You can easily play social casino games online with the help of desktop or mobile applications. As there is no real money involved in the process, the social casino format is legalized in most countries. You can find a number of applications on the Google Play Store, and you can also have popular social media players like Facebook offering a host of social casino games that you can enjoy with your near and dear ones.

In order to attract more players, social casinos offer a wide variety of games that you can play without risking your money. You can all also organize an event specific to some particular date and time requirements and then enjoy the event with your comrades. Many social casinos offer the option of in-game purchases, which generate the revenue for owners, but it is absolutely dependent upon you whether you want to avail that option or not. There is the option of using the virtual coins in order to bet in the game, and in any case, if you run out of the coins, these coins will be immediately restocked as the process repeats itself on an hourly or daily basis. The popularity of the social casino platform is also due to the opportunity the people get to socialize with each other during their playtime. You can hang out with your friends, chat in between as the battles taking place, and there are a lot of opportunities for you to be together in this totally fun exercise. It is also important to understand that there is no fear of legality coming to the picture as most of the countries approve the concept of social casinos. In the case of social casinos, you do not infringe upon any kind of legal provision under the state of countries’ jurisdiction, which is crucial for the survival and substance of this format.

Online vs. Social Casinos

The primary difference between the online casino and the social casino is the risk prospects. In an online casino, you bet with real money, and if you lose, you are going to part away with your hard-earned cash. No such issue happens to be a concern for the social casinos as you are betting in a friendly manner without any risk of losing the money. Another difference happens in terms of legality as social casinos are mostly legal, while online casinos are still considered illegal in many countries.

The number of games and the variety available in the case of the social casino is very large, although online casinos might not be able to offer a wide variety of games. The moral implications happen to be very severe in the case of the online casinos, but in case of the social casinos as the players are taking a friendly bet, there is no question arises of immorality or unethical behavior.


There is hardly any doubt about the popularity of social casinos. The format is getting popular with each passing day, and thanks to its advantages like no monetary risk, legal approval, and ability to provide holistic entertainment experience, it is sure to widen its reach in the near future.


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